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Christopher Bjork

Thesis title – Educational Decentralization in Indonesia: An Ethnographic Study of Local Responses to National Policy

Alma mater/current institution – Stanford University/Vassar College

Job title, Employer – Chair and Associate Professor, Education Department, Vassar College

Research Interests – Comparative and international education, educational decentralization, teaching cultures, educational reform in Asia

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Annick CorbeilAnnick Corbeil

Thesis title – The experiences of international students in transnational higher education programs in Singapore

Alma mater/current institution – University of Toronto/École de technologie supérieure, Université du Québec

Job title, Employer – Research officer, international mobility and partnerships/Cross-cultural training and coaching

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Lyndsay Hayhurst

Lyndsay Hayhurst

Thesis title – Governing the “Girl Effect” through Sport, Gender and Development? Postcolonial Girlhoods, Constellations of Aid and Global Corporate Social Engagement

Alma mater/current institution – University of Toronto/University of Ottawa

Job title, Employer – SSHRC Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences and Institute of Women’s Studies, University of Ottawa

Research Interests – Corporate social responsibility, postcolonial feminist theory, international relations theory, girlhood studies, cultural studies of sport, recreation and physical activity, critical policy studies

Keiko Inoue

Thesis title – Vive la patiente!  Discourse Analysis of the Global Expansion of Health as a Human Right

Alma mater/current institution – University of Pennsylvania;Stanford University/The World Bank

Job title, Employer – Education Specialist, The World Bank

Research Interests – Vulnerable youth and employment; behavioral skills development

Nancy Kendall

Thesis title – Global Policy in Practice: The “Successful Failure” of Free Primary Education in Malawi

Alma mater/current institution – Stanford University/University of Wisconsin-Madison

Job title, Employer – Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests – Comparative and international education policy, with foci in education and: democratization, HIV/AIDS, gender, orphans and vulnerable children, and sexuality. Roles that schooling plays, or fails to play, in increasing social justice globally, and in improving students’ and families’ lives.

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Caroline (Carly) Manion

Caroline (Carly) Manion

Thesis title – “Girls’ Education as a Means or End of Development? A Case Study of Gender and Education Policy Knowledge and Action in The Gambia”

Alma mater/current institution – University of Montreal/University of Toronto

Job title – Employer: SSHRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow & Instructor at OISE

Research Interests – sociology in education; gender and education; religion and education; politics of education; policy sociology; education multilateralism; civil society; social development/social justice; development ethics

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Obed Mfum-Mensah

Obed Mfum-Mensah

Thesis title – The impact of non-formal basic education programs: A case study of northern Ghana. UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations (AAT NQ 84699)

Alma mater/current institution – University of Toronto/Messiah College, Grantham, PA

Job title – Associate Professor, Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania

Research Interests – Alternative Primary Schooling programs/Complementary Education Programs; Education and the construction of citizenship; curriculum theorizing; education of marginalized groups in sub-Saharan Africa

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Gary Pluim

Gary PluimThesis title – Power and participation in the Haitian reconstruction: A vertical case study analysis of international aid to innovative youth programs.

Alma mater/current institution – University of Waterloo, Queen’s University

Job title – PhD Candidate and Instructor, OISE / University of Toronto

Research Interests –  Global and international education; Canadian aid to education; citizen participation in development; civil society and NGOs; youth and non-formal education; curriculum studies; democratic, inquiry-based, and experiential pedagogies.

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Cheryl R. RichardsonCheryl R. Richardson

Thesis title – The Lives of Kenyan Women Teachers, 1965-1992: Perspectives on the Role and Meaning of Teaching

Alma mater/current institution – Stanford University/University of California, Los Angeles

Job title, Employer – Director, New Growth International

Research Interests – Qualitative Research Related to the Professionalization of Teaching in Africa – What it means and how to nurture it.

Michel WelmondMichel Welmond

Thesis title – Globalization at the Periphery: Teacher Policy in the Republic of Benin

Alma mater/current institution – University of Toronto/The World Bank

Job title, Employer – Lead Education Specialist, Africa Region, The World Bank

Research Interests – Teacher Policy, secondary education, Employment and Youth